Ginny Bucci, MD | Women's Fulfillment Coach


Hi, I'm Ginny. I spent so many years of my life as an overachiever. I was at the top of my class, in leadership roles, helping out wherever people needed it, hustling to get everything done. On the outside I looked like I was creating the life of my dreams. I think to most people I probably looked really successful, motivated, and happy.

But on the inside I was chronically anxious, overwhelmed, and exhausted. I had been burned out for as long as I could remember even though it took me a long time to recognize it. I didn't know how to create my own happiness. I didn't know how to figure out what I really wanted. I kept working harder thinking I would feel better on the other side of whatever goals I had set.

I always thought when I became a physician and spent my time helping everyone get better that I would feel fulfilled. I poured my heart and soul into caring for my patients. I worked so hard to do everything perfectly. I got great reviews from colleagues and preceptors.


I matched into a dermatology residency program at Brown University (for those who don't know, dermatology is extremely competitive). But as I continued on my professional journey, my primary feeling wasn't relief or pride, it was uncertainty. 

I wasn't really happy. I still felt overwhelmed, unsure, and "off center", and I didn't know why. I felt like I was on the hamster wheel and didn't know how to get off. 


Around the same time, I got married despite having a troubled relationship with my then partner. After just 3 months of marriage and a little time and space away from him due to living in a different town, I left a toxic relationship asking myself how I had let myself get in it in the first place. I was determined to figure out why I wasn't living a life I loved even though I worked so hard.

I have spent the last several years figuring out exactly that. Everything changed for me when I

  • Learned that my thoughts were creating all of my feelings, actions, and results

  • Learned that I can change my thoughts

  • Committed to creating a story I loved no matter what

  • Actually did the work to rewrite it

In particular, I started

  • Loving myself more

  • Treating myself better

  • Letting go of perfectionism

  • Letting go of overwhelm

  • Getting back in touch with what I really wanted instead of what I was "supposed" to do

  • Creating more rewarding relationships

  • Questioning my inner critic

  • Believing new things on purpose in order to create a better life

  • Checking my self-doubt at the door and going in anyway

As a result, I am happier, more energized, and more capable than I have ever been. My relationships are more peaceful and rewarding. I have more self-love, self-confidence, and self-compassion. I have a better relationship with food and money. I feel consistently recharged and in touch with myself. I no longer feel overwhelmed even though there's so much I want to accomplish. 

Things I know for sure:

  • It's possible to be wildly successful but still not be in love with your life or yourself. 

  • Happiness, fulfillment, and peace aren't "out there" somewhere. They are created within you. 

  • Doing more isn't the path to feeling better.

  • Being truly recharged not only helps us feel better, but it lets us do everything better too.

My life is continually getting better since I started doing this work. I have learned how to get clear on and create a life I really love. I have learned to let go of so many limitations in the process.

My passion is helping other women create a life they really love from the inside out. Smart, successful women come to me to start recharging, reconnecting, and LOVING their lives right now without having to spend years figuring it out.